This January through Spring, maintenance work will be carried out on the main pool at SeaWorld Orlando’s Shamu Stadium. While the park’s signature killer whale show, One Ocean, and the park’s dining experience, Dine With Shamu, won’t be available during that time, guests will see all-new, above and underwater interactions and sessions with killer whales at Shamu Up Close.

Throughout each day, guests will be able to experience enhanced presentations designed to give them new and different glimpses into training techniques and the amazing relationships trainers have with the killer whales. It’s an opportunity to get even closer to SeaWorld’s killer whales and learn more about these unique animals.

Celebrate the majesty and miracle of killer whales – the ocean’s royal family – at the never-before-seen Shamu Up Close experience – only at SeaWorld Orlando. It’s an intimate and moving look at the whales, SeaWorld trainers and the awe-inspiring bond between them. Through music and moments, our trainers will take you behind the watery curtain into a fascinating world, with walk-through appearances all day long. Shamu Up Close is much more than an experience. It’s the living story of SeaWorld and its passionate commitment to the care of killer whales and their ocean world. And this is your opportunity to be a part of it like never before.