If choosing not to drive, Orlando airport transfers are the quickest and most cost effective means to arrive to your accommodation. These can be booked in advance through specialist airport brokers, travel agents and tour operators and offer a very competitive price and will be far cheaper than jumping in a taxi at the airport.

Pre-arranging airport transfers either through a UK or US company will save considerable money against an airport taxi, with a selection of UK and US companies detailed below. Prices vary greatly so it is advisable to contact UK and US based companies to get the best possible price and guarantee availability. If booking in the UK, you will be offered three types of transfers: Shuttle, Private and Minibus.

A shuttle service is charged per person and operates on a route basis dropping off other visitors. Upon arrival, a short wait may entail as the shuttle awaits other visitor arriving on other flights, but, if you are lucky, the service may depart immediately. This is the cheapest option for those on a budget.

As the name suggests, this is a private service accommodating up to 3 passengers. Clients are met in the arrivals hall by a uniformed driver and taken directly to your accommodation.

Private service for larger groups operating directly to the accommodation. The driver will await in the arrivals hall.

Transfer Times
Transfer times vary depending upon time of year and traffic as well as weather conditions. A general guide is:

Arrival to MCOShuttlePrivateMinibus
I Drive60 mins30 mins30 mins
Kissimmee70 mins40 mins40 mins
Lake Buena Vista70 mins40 mins40 mins
Disney70 mins40 mins40 mins
Arrival to SFBShuttlePrivateMinibus
I Drive90 mins60 mins60 mins
Kissimmee105 mins70 mins75 mins
Lake Buena Vista105 mins70 mins75 mins
Disney105 mins75 mins75 mins