Explore the world in a day. Sail away to the distant shores of nations and imaginations as you experience all that is possible on the planet and in the future.

The World Showcase Pavilions celebrate legends and lore from around the globe. These interactive attractions allow you to delight in wondrous tales and customs while experiencing the magic of the Walt Disney World Resort.

Canada Pavilion
Explore a canyon, be sprayed by a rushing waterfall, be thrilled by magnificent gardens and majestic architecture — Canada awaits you! Experience this wonderful country from coast to coast in the incredible CircleVision 360° film presentation, "O Canada!" Shop at the Northwest Mercantile and La Boutique des Provinces, featuring everything from folk art and pewter to plush toys and athletic attire. Eat up a storm at the atmospheric Le Cellier Steakhouse, and be prepared to rock 'n' roll — Celtic style — with Off Kilter.
Location: World Showcase

China Pavilion
Discover the wonders of China. Be swept away by the CircleVision 360° presentation, "Reflections of China." Relax in a serene garden and temple, visit bustling shops with authentic Chinese goods, enjoy the excellent cuisine of Nine Dragons Restaurant or the Lotus Blossom Café. Be thrilled by the incredible Dragon Legend Acrobats and the stunning performances on the Chinese harp, SI XIAN.
Location: World Showcase

France Pavilion
Travel the streets of both Paris and the provinces to find stunning shops with designer fragrances, soaps, cosmetics, wines, dinnerware and kitchen accessories. Dine at delightful bakeries and two outstanding restaurants, the Bistro de Paris and Les Chefs de France, with the food the French are famous for. Be transported throughout this magnificent country in the marvellous wrap-around motion picture, "Impressions de France." And enjoy hilarious street entertainment: A Chair Act.
Location: World Showcase

Germany Pavilion
Enter a charming, fairy-tale inspired village centred on a cobblestone plaza. Visit splendid shops like Der Bücherwurm, with its steins and hand-painted eggs; Der Teddybar, an amazing toy store; and Kunstarbeit in Kristall, featuring crystal jewellery. Enjoy extraordinary food and song-and-dance at the one-and-only Oktoberfest Musikanten at the Biergarten, or catch a quick bite of schnitzel at the Sommerfest. And don't miss the daily wine tastings at the Weinkeller or the delicious German baked goods at Sussigkeiten!
Location: World Showcase

Imagination! Pavilion
Step into this stunning pyramid-shaped pavilion to let your imagination run wild. Jump, duck and get small at "Honey, I Shrunk the Audience"; have your senses tickled when you Journey Into Imagination With Figment; put your hands on a dazzling array of interactive experiences at the incredible Imageworks. When you're here, there's nothing your imagination can't do!
Location: World Showcase

Italy Pavilion
Enter this dazzling pavilion through architecture reminiscent of Venice, including a stunning version of the Campanile (bell tower) of St. Mark's Square, bridges, gondolas and colorful barber poles. Discover fine leather goods at the handsome Il Bel Cristallo. Eat well with sweets from Delizie Italiane and La Bottega Italiana or sumptuous full course meals from Tutto Italia Ristorante.
Location: World Showcase

Japan Pavilion
Enter a serene place with rock gardens, an abundance of water in koi-filled pools and streams, a handsome pagoda and a stunning torii gate. But there's plenty of action, too — with the astounding Taiko drummers, Matsuriza; the incredible candy artistry of Miyuki; and lively restaurants which include the Mitsukoshi Teppan Yaki Dining Room and the Yakitori House. Plus shops galore where you can find authentic Japanese apparel, toys, and Bonsai trees. And don't miss the fascinating exhibit at the Bijutsu-kan Gallery: "The Kitahara Collection of Tin-Toys"!
Location: World Showcase

Mexico Pavilion
Visit a festive pavilion with an active marketplace, music, dining and the delightful El Rio Del Tiempo, "The River of Time" boat ride in a shady lagoon at the foot of a smoking volcano. Discover authentic baskets, pottery and clothing in the lively Plaza de los Amigos and mouth-watering Mexican cuisine at the romantic La Cantina De San Angel. And don't miss the fascinating "Animales Fantasticos" art collection, with its colourful folk-art woodcarvings, or the brilliant live performances by the illustrious Mariachi Cobre.
Location: World Showcase

Mission: SPACE Pavilion
Enter the incredible International Space Training Center, collect your personal assignment in the Ready Room, then blast off on the most thrilling attraction ever created by Disney — Mission: SPACE! You can also, with your feet on Earth, team up with fellow travellers in the highly interactive Mission: SPACE Race game or the other cutting-edge interactive activities in the Advanced Training Lab.
Location: Future World

Morocco Pavilion
Step into a faraway land divided into two fascinating sections, the Ville Nouvelle (new city) and the Medina (old city). Discover a bustling plaza with shops featuring remarkable Rabat carpets, woven belts, leather sandals, fabulous fezzes, beautiful brass pots and plant tubs, and much more. Enjoy the scrumptious delights and marvellous bellydancers at Restaurant Marrakesh, the incredible world music sounds of Mo'Rockin' and the awesome artefacts at the Gallery of Arts and History.
Location: World Showcase

Norway Pavilion
Welcome to the Age of the Vikings, where you can ride the Maelstrom adventure cruise, climb aboard a realistic sailing ship, inspect noteworthy Norse artefacts inside an authentic Stave Church, and dine inside a castle at the Restaurant Akershus. And there's plenty of 21st-century excitement, too: baked goods and coffee at the Kringla Bakeri og Kafe; Norwegian books, fragrances, candy and more at marvellous shops; and the magnificent musical performances of the Spelmanns Gledge.
Location: World Showcase

Spaceship Earth Pavilion
Step into the world-renowned geosphere to witness milestones in communications vital to man's survival. Ride Spaceship Earth to the further reaches of the solar system, then visit a post-show to see your photo on the digital branches of the Network Tree.
Location: World Showcase

Test Track Pavilion
Walk through a high-tech automotive test facility; buckle up for a ride on the high-speed, hair-raising Test Track; and make a pit stop for exclusive merchandise at the one pavilion that's sure to drive you wild!
Location: World Showcase

The Land Pavilion
Explore land as far as the eye can see in this awesome six-acre pavilion. Fly over a stunning landscape in Soarin'™, sail aboard a fascinating boat ride in Living with the Land; marvel at the wonders of nature with Simba, Timon and Pumbaa in The Circle of Life; and eat to your heart's content at The Garden Grill Restaurant.
Location: Future World

The Seas with Nemo & Friends Pavilion
Dive below the waves and discover a magical world of water-filled wonder in one of the largest man-made ocean environments. The whole family will delight in finding Nemo and all his friends among the fascinating fish and other denizens of the deep! Marlin, Dory, Pearl, Gil, Bruce the shark and, of course, Nemo, can all be seen in breathtaking underwater environments and interactive stations that provide fun and learning for everyone. Have a real-time conversation with Nemo's buddy, Crush the sea turtle, as he chats, jokes and even recognizes Guests. View dolphins, sharks, manatees and thousands of tropical fish - even don a wetsuit for some deep-sea adventure in DiveQuest or Dolphins in Depth* or enjoy the pleasures of the Coral Reef Restaurant.

*Scuba certification required
Location: Future World

U.S.A. Pavilion
Celebrate America at the majestic Colonial-style structure that houses the inspirational The American Adventure theatrical show, the thrilling Hall of Flags, and a stunning, acoustically pure rotunda — home to the Voices of Liberty. Enjoy the rousing entertainment of the Spirit of America Fife & Drums Corp and the star-spangled line-up at the America Gardens Theatre on the pavilion's magnificent grounds. And if you're hungry, you can't beat the true American tastes at the Liberty Inn.
Location: World Showcase

United Kingdom Pavilion
Travel thee to jolly old England, where you can stroll through an informal area with a 1500s-style thatched-roof cottage and canal or stop to catch the beat of the British Invasion at a formal square with a Hyde Park bandstand. Find a bounty of British toys at The Toy Soldier, unique clothing at the Sportsman Shoppe, English perfumes and soaps at the Queen's Table, and more authentic British goods at other delightful shops. Enjoy fish and chips at the renowned Rose & Crown Pub and Dining Room. And don't miss the one-and-only Pam Brody and the comical World Showcase Players, entertainers sure to tickle your fancy.
Location: World Showcase

Universe of Energy Pavilion
Step into this dramatic mirrored pyramid pavilion for a multimedia journey starring Ellen DeGeneres. Board vehicles to travel from the dangerous land of the dinosaurs to a future filled with fusion power. Discover big laughs and bigger thrills on Ellen's Energy Adventure!
Location: World Showcase

Mild But Wild Thrills
For those in search of mild but wild thrills, we recommend attractions that are fun, exciting and perfect for most age groups. These attractions include a range of experiences — from thrilling rides to interactive shows that enhance the enjoyment of Walt Disney World Resort.

Honey, I Shrunk the Audience
Professor Wayne Szalinski is at it again and this time you're the one who gets shrunk. This interactive adventure gœs beyond 3-D with incredible special effects and awesome surprises. Be ready to make nice to mice, face the fangs of a python and duck when a dog has a very itchy nose. You might feel small, but your laughs will be big!
Location: Future World
This attraction has FASTPASS

Tricky trolls are out to befuddle you as you explore the heritage of Norway in this adventure-packed boat ride. Watch for polar bears and pirates and hold on tight as you plummet backwards into the stormy North Sea! The spirit of adventure is always alive on Maelstrom.
Location: Norway Pavilion
This attraction has FASTPASS

Big Thrills
For those that love excitement, we recommend attractions that yield maximum thrills every time. These attractions include the highest, fastest, coolest and most extreme choices at Walt Disney World.

Mission: SPACE
This ultimate interactive thrill-packed adventure is as close as you can get to blasting off into space without leaving Earth. Each member of your astronaut team has a challenging role in a dynamic and daring cosmic mission dodging meteors and navigating nebula. Feel the force of lift-off and have an exhilarating, mystical rendezvous on another planet. It's out of this world!
Location: Future World®
Height Requirement: 44" or taller
This attraction has FASTPASS

Take a free-flying adventure across the natural wonders of the Golden State aboard this thrilling Disney's California Adventure Park attraction. With the wind in your hair, glide 40 feet in the air as you look down upon the breathtaking vistas of Yosemite and redwood forests. Soar as high as your imagination over a world of wonders.
Location: The Land Pavilion
Height Requirement: 40" or taller
This attraction has FASTPASS

Test Track
Enter the hair-raising world of auto testing on one of the longest, fastest rides in Disney history! Strap yourself in to race up bumpy terrain, roar through hair-pin turns, speed into freezing cold chambers, and rush on to 50-degree banked curves at 60 miles an hour.
Location: Future World
Height Requirement: 40" or taller
This attraction has FASTPASS

Other Attractions

Advanced Training Lab
Calling all aspiring astronauts! Burn off some energy by playing Mission: SPACE Race, a competition where two teams are pitted against each other in a high-energy race to see who can rocket back to the space station first! Dock at the Space Base to explore a fun interactive crawl space. And don't miss Expedition Mars, where a joystick and jet pack button are all you need to discover the surface of Mars. Those big and brave enough may also want to blast-off on the thrilling Mission: SPACE. Let the Space Race begin!
Location: Future World

Ellen's Energy Adventure
Get a burst of energy on this fun-filled ride starring Ellen DeGeneres. Move through the creation of the universe and see...and hear...the Big Bang. Ride around, between and under dinosaurs. Float far above Earth with satellites and atoms. See what brain power can really accomplish - only on Ellen's Energy Adventure!
Location: Future World

Gran Fiesta Tour
Take a joyful boat ride on the wondrous "River of Time," sailing into a colourful, festive world. Explore Mexico's engaging past and present, sailing past a smoking volcano into an Audio-Animatronics world of singing and dancing, fireworks and carousels, Mayan high priests and modern-day merchants.
Location: Mexico Pavilion

ImageWorks - The Kodak "What If" Labs
Let your imagination run wild in this incredible interactive playground! Wave your arms and move your body to create magical music, videotape your image and play it back in super slow motion, make up a symphony by jumping on stones, transform yourself into an animal and e-mail the photo to friends, and much more.
Location: Future World

Impressions de France
Soar throughout this magnificent country in this stunning five-screen panoramic film. Race cars in Cannes, ride boats on the Seine, fly over the cliffs at Normandy, ski over dangerously rocky peaks, sweep over the exquisite countryside in a huge hot air balloon, take a tantalising train ride into Paris, climb the elegant Eiffel tower!
Location: France Pavilion

Innovations: The Road to Tomorrow
Experience new technologies first hand through exhilarating experiences where you can touch, feel and play with the toys and tools of the future. Become an action figure in a video game. Examine DNA with the "Look Closer" machine. Run a virtual business in Opportunity City. Play the Toontown Tag game. Put your hands on tomorrow's technology today - at Innovations!
Location: Future World

Leave A Legacy
Be inspired by this sweeping sculpture celebrating the promise of tomorrow. Become a part of history by adding your image to this grand artistic statement that commemorates the dawn of a bright new millennium. Create a custom tile that expresses your hopes and dreams for the future. It is a living testament of one generation's legacy to the next.
Location: Future World

Please note that Leave a Legacy tiles are no longer being sold. The Leave a Legacy Locator Station can be found at the Camera Centre under Spaceship Earth.

Living with the Land
Set sail on a voyage of discovery through living laboratories. Cruise through a tropical rain forest, the African desert and the American plains to discover the latest developments in aquaculture and desert farming. Float by experimental greenhouses and take a fascinating first-hand look at an aqua environment with alligators.
Location: Future World
This attraction has FASTPASS

National Treasures at the American Heritage Gallery
Catch the spirit of imagination, of innovation, of possibilities - the spirit of America herself. Check out some of the spectacular and unique pieces of Americana that are on loan from a variety of prestigious institutions and private lenders. Get a glimpse into the lives of the people who were guided by idealism and the belief in a better tomorrow - like Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, George Washington Carver, Rosa Parks, Jackie Robinson and many others. Visit often - the items in the National Treasures collection will be changed out as the exhibit continues.
Location: U.S.A. Pavilion

O Canada!
Discover the glory of a great land with the sweeping grandeur and spectacular sounds of this Circle-Vision 360 ° filmed presentation. You are in the centre of the action, surrounded by the stunning variety of America's neighbour to the north, from its wide open spaces abundant with wildlife to its sparkling cities and harbours teeming with activity to its magnificent mountains and shores.
Location: Canada Pavilion

Reflections of China
Explore China as never before in this stirring Circle-Vision 360° film that puts you in the centre of the action. Sweep from Beijing to Shanghai, from Inner Mongolia to the Forbidden City, from the distant lands of the Hunan province to the Great Wall, discovering all the brilliant facets of this Land of Many Faces.
Location: China Pavilion

The American Adventure
Thrill to an epic theatrical event with authentic historical characters, magnificent music and extraordinary effects on stage and screen. Meet the inspiring American herœs who reaffirm the county's greatest resource: its people. There's no adventure like the American Adventure!
Location: U.S.A. Pavilion

The Circle of Life
Marvel at the wonders of nature in this delightful film that combines animation, live action and your favourite "Lion King" characters. Timon wants to open a non-ecological resort, but Pumbaa and Simba realise how important the different kinds of plants and animals are to the health of the planet. After all, they're part of the Circle of Life.
Location: Future World

Fun for Little Ones
If travelling with little ones, we recommend attractions that emphasise fun. These include live shows and attractions in which beloved Disney Characters spring to life, creating fun for our youngest Guests.
Disney's Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure

You and your family can be transformed into Team Possible secret agents and help save the world from super-villains during the ultra-interactive, Disney's Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure, based on the Disney Channel animated series, "Kim Possible."
Location: World Showcase

Journey Into Imagination With Figment
Take a rollicking ride through the Imagination Institute, where that playful purple dragon Figment really puts you to the test! Climb aboard a train of thought in the Sound Lab. Use your Common Scents in the Smell Lab. Watch your world turn upside down in Figment's house. There's no journey like the Journey into Imagination!
Location: Future World

Spaceship Earth
Recent transfomations include dramatic lighting effects, vibrant new costumes, detailed set decorations, enhanced staging, new narration and a new musical score.
Location: Future World

The Seas with Nemo & Friends
Cruise out to sea in the clamobile! Greet all your Nemo pals as they swim amid the live marine life of the gigantic aquarium. Join Marlin and Dory on their search for the elusive clown fish and encounter dozens of "jellies", a toothy anglerfish, even old friend Bruce the shark. Then thrill to an incredible grand finale, where Nemo and all his friends appear to actually swim alongside the real-life creatures of the coral reef. Delve down into the deepest parts of the ocean in this fun-filled story where the majesty of nature meets whimsical Disney magic.
Inspired by Disney·Pixar's "Finding Nemo"
Location: Future World

Turtle Talk with Crush
Yo, Dude, come check out this totally cool interactive show. Go under the sea and have a conversation with Crush in his digital underwater world. The 152-year-old sea turtle from the Disney presentation of Pixar's "Finding Nemo" chats, jokes and even recognizes Guests. This is a first-of-its-kind live, real-time animated show you have to see to believe. It's soooo awesome!
Location: The Living Seas Pavilion